McLaren Vale Cellar Door Tree Trail

There are many reasons why we need trees, the biggest plants on our planet.

Trees give us oxygen and they absorb carbon dioxide and gases that could be harmful to us. Trees can also lower temperatures by providing shade and they can reduce soil erosion. As well as all the ways they benefit us, trees also provide food and habitat for wildlife, including birds, reptiles, mammals and insects.

To celebrate trees and their importance in our region and the wine industry, we have created a unique McLaren Vale tree trail where you will find interesting information on a variety of trees. So come and have a look at some of the 54 beautiful trees that compose our tree trails at participating these Cellar Doors:

- Wirra Wirra
- Swell Brewing Co
- Kay Brothers
- Chapel Hill
- Coriole
- Gemtree
- Camwell
- Chalk Hill
- Paxton
- Shottesbrooke
- DogRidge
- PizzaTecca
- Samson Tall
- Olivers Taranga

With more to be announced soon!
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