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About Us

McLaren Vale Grape, Wine & Tourism Association is more than 10 years old, having evolved from the McLaren Vale Winemakers Group that started in the region over 50 years ago.

Since MVGWTA’s inception in 1965 brand ‘McLaren Vale’ has achieved world recognition.

MVGWTA provides the major industries of the McLaren Vale region – wine, food and tourism – with a vision for the future in both domestic and international markets. It acts as a broker and representative of those industries and is the driving force behind their development. MVGWTA plays a crucial role in securing the region’s economic and environmental sustainability.

MVGWTA is funded by members, sponsors, industry partners and fundraising activities and is governed by a Board of volunteer directors from within the McLaren Vale grape, wine and tourism fraternity.

The Association is led by Chair, Lauren Fried and managed by General Manager, Jennifer Lynch.



The Association represents more than 500 businesses within the McLaren Vale region including:

Including 80 Cellar Doors

Grape growers

Industry partners

Tourism operators
Associated businesses


1. Marketing:
Engage with all audiences for both brand MVGWTA and Brand McLaren Vale through relevant channels of communication and dynamic marketing activities
2. Quality:
Foster a “high quality’ culture by assisting Members to develop premium products, exceptional visitor experiences and valuable relationships – thereby positioning brand "McLaren Vale" as a premium region and destination
3. Finance:
Prudently deploy our Members’ funds to ensure financial sustainability and generate strong returns on investments