28, April 2021

Wine and pizza have long been considered the perfect food and wine match and we have some of the best right here in McLaren Vale. Whether it’s a Friday night with friends, or a Sunday afternoon with family, we have the perfect pizza for you.

Russell’s Pizza has been serving their delicious wood-fired pizzas since 1992. The quaint cottage in High Street Willunga is a landmark in the town and has long been a favourite for group gatherings and celebrations. On a cool night, the fire pit in the garden provides the perfect backdrop to a glass of McLaren Vale wine, a piece of pizza and good conversations.

Pizzateca and Cucina di Strada at Chalk Hill Wines are as well known for their pizza, or Pinsa as they like to call them, as they are for their generous Italian hospitality. Their dough proves for 72 hours before being pushed into shape by hand. Once cooked, their Pinsa have been described as being like a ‘cloud’ of pizza with a crispy outer and soft on the inside.

Lazy Ballerina, situated in the hills above McLaren Vale, is perhaps the most picturesque place to enjoy pizza and wine. The glorious garden surrounded by majestic trees, is the perfect place for adults and children alike to spend an afternoon enjoying fresh home-made pizzas.

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