30, April 2024

If you're interested to learn how to taste and score wine, Mollydooker has the experience for you!

Mollydooker Wines has launched 'The Nosey Parker Wine Experience' in an ode to American wine critic Robert Parker who had a defining impact on the Mollydooker business.

The Nosey Parker Wine Experience is a wine tasting masterclass that aims to educate participants on how to score wine using the 100 point wine scoring system developed by Robert Parker, as well as the Marquis Fruit Weight™ measure of quality that Mollydooker use to ensure consistency of wine style across their range.

"When we first started Mollydooker in 2006, we were in a very difficult financial position with only $17 in our bank account. No one in the world had heard of Mollydooker, so in desperation we flew to the states to show our wines to Robert Parker. He ended up rating all 4 of our wines in his Best Value Wines in the World - The Boxer, Two Left Feet, Maître D’ and Violinist, all of which we still produce today. After this review was published we sold out in 17 days! Overnight our business turned around and for that we will be forever grateful. Long story short, we asked Robert Parker a couple of years ago if we could use his name at Mollydooker to honour the incredible influence and impact he has had in our lives and he said yes! There is way more to our story with Robert that I haven’t mentioned (yes, he is a left hander!) but I need to keep this short.

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of ‘The Nosey Parker Wine Experience’ in our Robert Parker tasting room. The experience is a wine tasting masterclass; an ode to Robert Parker’s 100 point wine scoring system and our trademarked measure of quality, Fruit Weight™. A subtle yet important homage to our good friend and industry legend Robert Parker." ~ Sarah Marquis, Owner Mollydooker.

What to Expect

Greeted with breathtaking views across McLaren Vale wine region upon arrival at Mollydooker, guests of the Nosey Parker Wine Experience are welcomed into the immersive Robert Parker Room. The room, though completely dark other than the subtle glow from tabletop lights and soft reflections from the four textual artworks that adorn the walls, is a warm and inviting space.

Once seated, guests are presented with six wines in a blind tasting format which are immaculately presented on a tasting mat designed to aid the taster through each stage of the 100 point wine scoring system and Mollydooker's measure of quality, Fruit Weight™. Guests are guided then guided through each wine, taught what to look for when scoring each section of the 100 point scoring system and how to judge Fruit Weight™.

The crescendo of the masterclass reveals the vintage and the variety, the true scores received from Robert Parker Wine Enthusiast and the Fruit Weight™ of each wine tasted, providing guests with a benchmark of their palate - though guests are reminded that the most important aspect of this immersive wine tasting experience is to have fun!

The Nosey Parker Wine Experience at Mollydooker Wines, McLaren Vale South Australia

The Nosey Parker Wine Experience at Mollydooker

$180 per person, by appointment only.
Enquire: [email protected]

Mollydooker Wines, McLaren Vale, South Australia

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