01, December 2021

The perfect blend of wine and zen, the benefits of yoga practice extend beyond just a good stretch.

Wineries across McLaren Vale regularly host yoga and wellness events, with the tranquil outlook of vineyards providing the perfect practice environment for mindfulness.

Yoga encourages focus and concentration, and these are also excellent techniques for wine tasting.
Being fully present and entering a mindful state of tuning out and tuning into your body in each pose is a great way to prepare for a tasting - mindfully tasting what's in your glass allows you to appreciate the wine, it's flavours, how it's produced and the vineyard surrounds.

Wirra Wirra
, Gemtree, Mollydooker, Chalk Hill, SUP Down South and Pertaringa regularly host wine and wellness events through the summer months - check out the events calendar to stay up to date.

Image credit: SUP Down South