The Woodstock Wildlife Sanctuary

The Woodstock Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately three hectares of natural scrub conserved to showcase some Australian native animals. Since 2007, rescued Red-necked Wallabies, Swamp Wallabies and a Tammar Wallaby have called the Sanctuary home.

Our Western Grey Kangaroos are Eden, Maple, Rawnsely, Prairie and Abraham. Together with our dear Western Grey Kangaroo, Dusty, and friendly emu, Maverick, you are sure to get a warm greeting at our feeding sessions.

In early 2021 we welcomed two new rescue orphan kangaroos, Rooby and Clare.

Wildlife numbers in the sanctuary will continue to grow as more rescued, hand-reared animals are offered to our care.

Rescued koalas are occasionally released at Woodstock. The trees are ideal and the fence provides safety while they are young. When old enough, the koalas can climb the fence to forage further afield.

We often have visiting koalas stop by to nibble on their favourite Eucalypts. Koalas can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping, so seeing one quietly perched in the fork of one of our gums is not unusual.

Visitors to Woodstock can experience a unique and truly Australian encounter with the animals in the Sanctuary at our daily supervised feeding session. Dusty, Maverick and the crew love these as much as you will.
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