SummerVines The Mystic Dr Drake Series Radio play

28 Jan 2023
Next: Saturday 28th January 2023
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Before there were podcasts, there were radio dramas. Local theatre company, Radio Noir, has recreated a series of one-act radio plays presented by eight actors (in authentic costume) who voice act (in different accents) the plays joined by a live pianist and a live sound FX team.

The three episodes delve into the mysterious world of Dr. Marcus Drake and his assistant, news reporter Lois Hanley. In a similar theme to the popular 1930’s The Shadow series, Dr. Drake is a successful child surgeon by day and a wielder of the mystic arts crime fighter by night. Dr. Marcus Drake has been trained in the mystic arts by the mysterious Ancient ones and with the assistance of Lois Hanley continues to fight evil in all its facets.

The audience is seated cabaret style, enjoying a dinner theatre feel with food and Chapel Hill wine served to accompany the entertainment.
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