Smidge Wines Tasting Room

Smidge Wines is more than just a what's in the bottle. It's a story of a wine nerd, going all in, throwing the safety of global recognition and a regular pay cheque out the window to create his vision for a first generation winery. From day one, Matt's goal has been true to his signature style that is as much about championing each stage from berry to bottle, as it is about creating something of which he is proud, is singularly enjoyable, and uniquely memorable. Be part of something special every time you open a Smidge Wine.

Our philosophy is simple. Our wines are a reflection of who we are, what we enjoy and the values we hold dear. Respect for our customers, giving them something enjoyable and memorable in every bottle. Respect for our vineyards and fruit, that has been carefully and meticulously grown. And finally, respect for things to come; making wine sustainably that we can be proud of today and for the years ahead.

As one of only a handful of first-generation small players, Smidge Wines has turned the modern winery model upside down with a very rare "berry to bottle" philosophy that draws on every bit of Matt’s experience including more than 10 years as chief winemaker at one of Australia’s most notable and acclaimed wineries.
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