Phylloxera and Biosecurity

The South Australian wine industry enjoys a special advantage. The absence of a small but dangerous vine pest called phylloxera means that region’s can still grow grape vines on their own roots, unlike most of the winegrowing regions of the world.  In McLaren Vale most of our vineyards, including our oldest vines, are grown this way.

The McLaren Vale Phylloxera & Biosecurity Committee work with Vinehealth Australia – an industry advocate in vine biosecurity – to develop programs, practices and information to support and enforce the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995 ensuring McLaren Vale’s vineyards and heritage is protected.

For further information on Phylloxera and Australia’s grapevine biosecurity practices, visit the Vinehealth Australia website.

Robyn Groffen

Grower Engagement and Industry Development Officer - MVGWTA


T: 08 8323 8999