CropWatch McLaren Vale

CropWatch is an ad-hoc viticultural advisory publication distributed to Financial Grower Members of McLaren Vale Grape Wine & Tourism Association.

The data - including weather station information, Bureau of Meteorology forecasts and vineyard observations - is collected and reported by one of the region's agronomists.

CropWatch endeavors to provide the region's growers with technical information on key viticultural issues such as pest and disease identification, risk and management.

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Current: 2/8/2018

McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Visitors Centre cv. Shiraz; E-L 1 Winter Bud

We are expecting to see some budburst around the first week of September (4 weeks time).

E-L Growth Stage Guide.

Current: 2/8/2018

Grapevine Scale (Parthenolecanium persicae) and other similar species of soft scale have been increasingly problematic in vineyards over the past few seasons.

If you have seen hotspots of scale on your vines – check them now.

Scale are soft-bodied insects that feed on plant sap; high numbers in a vineyard can significantly reduce vine health and grape yield, and they also trigger sooty mould.

The first signs of juvenile scales crawlers have been found this week. Juvenile scale have been found in Aldinga, and Willunga vineyards. They appear to have been hatched 7 to 10 days ago.

Pictured below – 1/8/2018

Controlling this first generation of scale represents and important task in preventing scale numbers from increasing. Juvenile scale are vulnerable to firstly natural predators, but also to agrochemical control. The currently list of control options is available here; AWRI fact sheet on their presence and control options.

To learn more about scale you can access the Wine Australia page.