Hardys Wines

A visit to Hardys Tintara is not just about tasting wine, but experiencing the rich history that goes into running a business over 165 years.

The Hardys Tintara winery, on the main street of McLaren Vale, has been at the heart and soul of the region from the very beginning. In 1878 Thomas Hardy transformed an old flour mill into one of the region’s best wine cellars, and with his success, the township of McLaren Vale began to prosper and grow.

Today, they are proud to still be the home of Hardys, and be able to showcase the original winery, as well as combine time-honoured winemaking techniques with the best of today’s technology.

Experience it for yourself. Their Cellar Door, offers their guests a seated wine tasting experience to remember, and a selection of experiences to discover the rich history of Thomas Hardy and his wine empire or to explore your wine tasting senses and to understand how they work together to influence the taste of food and wine, and what happens when we remove the sense of sight.