Strategic Plan

2016 - 2021

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Our Mission

For the McLaren Vale region to be recognised globally as a diverse and exciting wine region known for its excellence and sustainability.

Our Vision

To ensure long term sustainability of the grape, wine and tourism industries in the McLaren Vale region and to promote the McLaren Vale brand locally, nationally and worldwide.

Our Values

We celebrate and promote:

  • Environmental, financial and social sustainability in all that we do
  • Education of our people to be skilled, innovative and smart risk-takers
  • Community and family
  • Diversity and difference
  • Best practice in our dealings with each other and our customers
  • Excellence in our products and services
  • Collaboration within and across local industry sectors and with like-minded people everywhere
  • Leadership within our region and our industries.

Our Competitive Strengths

  • The spirit of a united community built on family businesses with ‘skin in the game’
  • The diversity of our people, our landscape, our geology, our soil, our offerings and our products, including world class wine
  • The quality of our programs such as SAW, Scarce Earth and the Geology Maps.

Our Strategic Priorities

1. MARKETING: Engage with all audiences for both brand MVGWTA and Brand McLaren Vale through relevant channels of communication and dynamic marketing activities.

2. QUALITY: Foster a “high quality’ culture by assisting Members to develop premium products, exceptional visitor experiences and valuable relationships – thereby positioning Brand McLaren Vale as a premium region and destination.

3. FINANCE: Prudently deploy our Members’ funds to ensure financial sustainability and generate strong returns on investments.

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